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Sri Karpaga Vinayagar Temple (Pillayar Patti)

The best known of the Nagarathar clan temples is Pillaiyarpatti. About 12 km from Karaikudi on the road to Madurai, it attracts visitors in large numbers from all parts of India and abroad. Karpaga Vinayagar is a huge bas-relief in a cave hewn out of a hillock and is a splendid example of the South Indian sculpture. The 6 feet tall sculpture is dated to the 5th Century A.D.

The Rajagopuram towers over the eastern entrance and rises in five storeys. The temple is rich in stone and terracotta sculpture. There are 30 bronzes in the temple dating from the 10th Century. The celebration at Vinayagar Chathurthi festival - birth of Lord Vinayaga is well known here.


Kundrakudi Murugan Temple

Kundrakudi, located 11 km west from Karaikudi on a small hill is famous for its ancient cave temple of Lord Muruga. It is also a place of considerable historical interest. On the western side of the hill are three excavated cave strives at a ground level. These are in line and adjacent to one another. Later structures have been added to these shrines in the front. The temple is stunning with four Teppakulam on all the four sides of it. The carvings of 9th, 10th and 12th century are seen here.

Siravayal - Jallikattu
Siravayal is famous for Jallikattu (taming the bull). It is 30 km from Sivagangai and 6 km from Thiruppathur in Natchiyarpuram - Karaikudi main road. Every year Jallikattu is conducted here on January 16th. Bulls from various parts of Tamilnadu participated in this event. Thousands of people and large number of foreign tourists watch this event.



Karaikudi is the main town, for the surrounding 75 villages. Karaikudi is located in between Thiruchirapalli and Rameswaram. It got its name because of the famous plant called "Karai" which is widely spread over this area. The famous temple village Pillaiyarpatti is 12 km away from Karaikudi. The city is known for Sri Meenakshi - Sundareswarar temple, also known as Sivan Temple which was built in 1872.

There is a temple here with 108 statues depiciting different aspects and forms of Ganapathy. Sekkalai is located at the North-East of Karaikudi, which was known as "Jain Kunda Puram" 50 years back. In North-West of Karaikudi is Muthu Pattinam which is known for Muthu Mariamman Temple.


Sorna Kaleeswarar Temple, Kalaiyarkoil

It is located 15 km from Sivagagnai. Kalaiyarkovil was the seat of the kings from very early days. King Vengai Marban ruled over this area dufing Sangam period. It was also the seat of the freedom fighters like Muthu Vaduga Nathar and Marthu brothers. Sorna Kasleeswarar Temple was the stronghold of the rulers of Sivagangai with a well built extensive fort.

The Gigantic tall Rajagopuram persuades one to worship, Saints Gnanasambander, Sundarar, Appar and Arunagiri Nathar who visitor this temple and praised the God with their sacred poems. Vaikasi Festival (May-June) and Thaipoosam Festival (January-February) are celebrated here every year.


Soumiya Narayana Perumal Temple,Thirukostiyur

It is located 10 km south-west of Thiruppathur on the Sivagangai - Thiruppathur highway. Sowmya Narayan Temple is a famous vaishnavaite pilgrim place. The halls used for accomodating the destitutes present in the templewere built by kings from the community of Pandyas, Vanathirayars and Nayakkars of Tanjore. People used to take part in large numbers during the traditional functions like Masi Pournami Theppa Thiruvizha and Panguni Uthira Oonjal Thiruvizha.

These are celebrated in the last two Tamil months. "Thiru" means "sacred", "Koshty" means "assembly" and "Ur" means "place" (ie. Place of sacred assembly). All the Gods are supposed to have assembled to have assembled here and discussed how to kill the demon Iranyan.



Nattarasankottai is situated 9 km from Sivagangai and 55 km from Madurai. Nattarasankottai is an ancient village and it is believed that the Nagarathar community migrated to this place in Pandian Kingdom.

The fame and popularity came to this place manily due to Sree Kanndaya Nayaki Amman Temple. On realising the displeasure of Kannatha, the villae people constructed a separate temple for Kannathal facing North with a water tank in the front. This temple celbrates many festivals. The annual ten days festival in the Tamil month of "Vaikasi" include a silver chariot procession on the eighth day and grand wooden chariot procession on the nineth day. This temple mahamandapam is known for its magnificent structure and aesthetically carved pillars. The Kaliyattam festival is celebrated for 48 days once in12 years. A Siva Temple and a Vishnu temple are also popular here.


Arulmigu Vettudaiya Kaliamman Temple, Kollangudi

Kollangudi temple is small but beautiful. The paintings on the walls and ceiling of the temple depict the fame and eminence of deity Kalidevi. A chemical known as 'POONEER' - essential for the preparation of siddha medicine is found growing occasionally on the soil around the temple. The history read that Maruthu Pandian brothers worshipped this deity with their battlefield coins. War weapons and coins were manufactured here during the reign of the Sivagangai rulers.

Festival season
August - Vinayagar Chaturthi (Birth of Lord Vinayaga), October - Vijayadasami, Janauary & July, Last Friday - 108 Thiruvilakku poojai.
Thirunokiya Azhagiya Nathar Temple, Thirupachethi
This temple is located 10 km away from Mana Madurai and this temple was constructed and opened for worship during Pandya's rule at Madurai.
Here Chitrai festival is celebrated for 10 days.


Muthumariyamman Temple, Thayamangalam

Thayamanglam is situaed 30 km from Sivagangai and 20 km from Paramakudi and it is very nearer to Ilaiyankudi. Though different religious and communal people are living here, they are living peacefully.

Muthumariyamman Temple Panguni Urchavam festival is celebrated here every year (March - April) for 10 days. During this festival nearly 2 lakhs visitors and pilgrims come here to offer their prayers. In 1914, the idol of Amman was made with sacred stone and the shrine and Veemanam were constructed. in 1935, the Rajagopuram was built.


Adaikalam Katha Iyyanar - Sri Bathirakaliamman Temple, Madapuram

Madapuram Temple is 20 km from Madurai. In this temple Kaliamman is in standing position depicting the readiness of her to protect the world from any injustice. The dias on which Goddess Kali is standing is wide.

On that, there is a horse, which stands on its back legs with fore legs in lifted position showing its readiness for a war. Its height is 13 yards and it is fully decorated. The pilgrims have the custom of breaking coins into half as a prayer to solve their grievances that cannot be done by human beings.


Mangai Bhagar Temple, Piranmalai

Piranmalai is 60 km from Sivagangai and 65 km away from Madurai. The historical Piranmalai depicts the fragrance of the magnificent legand king "Vallal Pari" who reined justice and generosity in his province of prosperity. The chariot given by king Pari to a creeper plant to grow upon is an evidence for his benevolent generosity towards all living kind.

The exotic flower "Kurunji" that blossoms once in 12 years exhilarates the tourists. Mangai Bhagar Temple is 2000 years old and spiritual pastures enriches the temple at the foot hills with prime gods Suyambu Thirukkula Kunranathan, Amman Kulai Mutha Nayagi.

The core of the temple that finds a place for Lord Muruga has been stanced by the eminent poet Arunagiri Nathar inhis famous work "Thirupugazh".

A durgha is located at the top of the hill and every Friday and Sunday more than 1000 peoples visit it to celebrate Kandhuri festival. The crowd includes both Muslims and Hindus.

"Urangapuli" a tree with never shrinking leaves, "Perilla Maram" a tree without name, are some of wonder trees available in this hill.


Sri Kotravalleswar Temple, Koviloor

Koviloor is the beautiful temple. The Elegant and Artistical sculptures of 3rd century are seen here, that affirms the existence of ancient culture.

The Tamil scripts of the time are engraved on the stone. It is located 2 km west of Karaikudi. Music and Sculpure schools are located here.


Thekshnamurthy Gurusthalam, Pattamangalam

Pattamangalam is 5 km south of Thiruppathur and 5 km east from Thirukostiyur. A familiar sight in this place is a wide Banyan tree. The sculputres of ancient people and damaged statues of 9th century are seen 1 km west. Unlike other templesof Thekshnamurthy, this temple faces east. Lord Shiva appearss at Pattmangalam as Thekshnamurthy, to give eight kinds of power to Six Karthigai Women, those who parented Lord Muruga.

Navarathiri Thiruvizha and Panguni Uthiram Thiruvizha are celebrated every year. People visit the temple regularly to seek blessings of the God for thei happy married life and to be blessed with children.


Vairavan Patti Temple

Vairavanpatti lies 6 km east of Thiruppathur. This place is famous for the Vairavar temple. At this place the Avatharam of Vairavar took place to kill the giants Manikasuran and Mailasuran.

The facade is adorned with elaborately chiseled monolithic pillars. Two such pillars in front of Natarajar represent a warrior and other group of pillars represents the marriage of Meenakshi, Kannappanaiyar etc.


Thirunokiya Azhagiya Nathar Temple, Thirupachethi

Thirupachethi temple is located 10 km away from Mana Madurai and this temple was constructed and opened for worship during Pandya's rule at Madurai.

Here Chitrai festival is celebrated for 10 days.


Sorna Moortheswarar Temple, Kanda Devi

The story behind the name of the town KANDA DEVI, is reminiscent of the events from Ramayanam. In Ramayana SRI RAMA's wife SEETHA, was taken away by RAVANANA and was imprisioned in Ashoka Vanam. Hanuman returned from Srilanka and expressed this news to Rama as "Kanden Deviyai" in this place.

Hence this place is called Kandadevi. Sri Swarna Moortheeswarar Temple is situated here and people from various parts worship the Lord daily. This place is 2 km north of Devakottai. Kanda Devi Car Festival is very popular and large number of devotees participate in this festival.



Nattukottai means country fort,the name itself reminds ofthe big houses of Chettinad. The tradition of Nagarathar community, the so called people of Nattukottai area,is to build big houses like forts. The art and architecture of Chettinad houses are the sign of their cultural heritage. Athangudi, Kothamangalam, Kandanur, Kottaiyur, Pallathur have some of the most lavish houses of Chettinad.

The huge threshold to the houses, with a high arch resembles the gateway of temples in India. The spacious rectangular mutram, the central portion of house is open to sky for free aeration. Thinnai, a raised platform serves as an accommodation for travellers and visitors.

The inner courtyard has special significance. Lined with beautiful pillars made of Burma teakwood or granite, it serves as the venue for ceremonies and family engagements.

The floors are covered with Italian glossy tiles. The walls are smooth and made of special plasters that contain powdered shells, lime, spices and gall-nut. Thistechnique keeps the house cool even in hot summers.About 15 kms from Thirumayamand 16 kms from Karaikudi, is Kanadukathan.

The people of this town played animportant role in the development of education and trading in Tamilnadu. Chettinad Palace, Heritage houses and Island bungalow are the monuments that attract foreign tourists.

Chettinad Palace :
The Chettinad Palace in Kanadukathan was built in 1912 with Burma Teak, Granite Pillars, stained glass and imported Italian tiles. The palace now is open to visitors.

Arulmigu Sivaloganathasamy Temple :
Arulmigu Sivaloganathasamy Temple also called Big Temple is situated on Karaikudi - Trichy road. A large of pilgrims visist ths temple daily.

The structure of the city and quarters reflect their style, attitude and their eagerness to provide food and shelter to their guests and travellers. Their hospitality and kindness are wellknown.
Accomodation : Chettinad Mansion Ph : 04565 - 273080



It is situated 12 kms away from Thirumayam. There are numerous fabulous fort like houses in Athangudi as in other parts of Chettinad. The tall single or twin teak wood pillars on the corridors catch the attention of visitors. The painted pillars are smoothly polished. The inner walls are finished with smooth 'Chettinad Plaster' a mix of eggs and eggshells.
The architecture of a typical Chettiar home is a study in how human dwelling can be in harmony with nature.


Sorna Moortheswarar Temple, Kanda Devi

The story behind the name of the town KANDA DEVI, is reminiscent of the events from Ramayanam. In Ramayana SRI RAMA's wife SEETHA, was taken away by RAVANANA and was imprisioned in Ashoka Vanam. Hanuman returned from Srilanka and expressed this news to Rama as "Kanden Deviyai" in this place.

Hence this place is called Kandadevi. Sri Swarna Moortheeswarar Temple is situated here and people from various parts worship the Lord daily. This place is 2 km north of Devakottai. Kanda Devi Car Festival is very popular and large number of devotees participate in this festival.



Thiruppathur is 34 km from Sivagangai and 22km from Karaikudi. Here is an ancient Siva temple which is one of the fourteen great Pandiyan temples. Thiruthalinathar and Sivakami amman are the deities. Annual car festival is celebrated during Vaikasi.

Maruthu brothers, who fought for the freedom for India, were hanged by the British rulers near by this town.


Sacred Heart Church, Idaikattur

120 years back a foreign Anglican lady named Mary Anne from France gave a full donation for the construction of the church as a token of her gratitude to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for having got cured from an incurable heart ailment after a long prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Rev. Fr. Ferdinand Cello S.J., a French Priest who was the parish priest of Idaikattur .

Idaikattur Church is a sacred heart shrine built in Gothlic archietectural style on the model of the RHEIMS Cathedral in France. An astonishing engineering marvel, this church has a foundation of only three feet in depth and it is a wonder that the church has stood on it for the last 120 years.

The exquisite statues were brought from France to Idaikattur 110 years back for the reason that it is only in this Shrine that there are the relics of 40 saints kept on the main altar. Secondly, it is believed that 110 years back when this Church was built, 9 choirs (hundreds) of angels appeared and solved a great problem. The location of shrine it is 36 kms away from Madurai on the way to Rameswaram main road stop at Muthanendal. Lot of Foreign tourists visit this shrine. First Friday of every month lot of pilgrims participated in prayer. One Navagraha temple is also located near the chruch which a large number of toursists visit for worship.


Vetankudi Bird Sanctuary

Vetankudi birds sanctuary is a natural habitat of winter migratory and residential birds. It provides a safe place for roasting, breeding and feeding for birds with considerable diversity in nesting and feeding behavior. This place is 8 km from Tiruppathur and 51 km from Madurai.

Vettankudi Bird Sanctuary (39.9 Hech.) covering 3 tanks of Vettankudi, Periakollukudi and Chinakollukudi villages in the area of operation. The Sanctuary is located on the left of the Tiruppathur - Madurai road as one comes from Tiruppathur side. The sanctuary receives nearly 20,000 birds, both local and migratory. Spoon bills, Spot bill, White Ibis, Black Ibis, Open Billed Stork, Painted Stork, Night Heron etc. are some of the many varieties of bird life visiting this sanctuary.


Kambar Tomb

The tomb of kambar, author of Kamba Ramayanam, is located in Nattarasankottai. The final days of the poet were spent in this area. The people of this region have a belief tha the sand of this soil has got some miraculous power, that is could make a dumb to speak when placed on the mouth and also it increases intellectual ability.

Other important Tamil Poets :
1. Okkur - Masathiyar - A Women Tamil poet in sangam Period. She wrote poems in "Purananooru" an ancient Tamil Literature. Okkur is 7 k.m from Sivagangai.
2. Allur kilar - An ancient Tamil poet andhe wrote poems in "Purananooru". Allur is 5 k.m from Sivagangai.
3. Kaniyan Poongunranar - An ancient sangam poet and he belongs to Mahibalanpatti. It is 25 k.m from Thiruppathur. He wrote the famous poem "Yadum Oorae Yavarum Kaelir".


Kannadasan Memorial

He was born in Thiru Mukkudalpatti in Karaikudi. He was a great Lyricist he raised the level of Tamil Film Songs to Himalayan Heights. The area of mandabam is 5089.36 sqkm. and it was open on 21-10-1992. Situated at Karaikudi - Opp. to new bus stand.


Marudupandiyar Memorial

He was not afraid of Britisher’s bullets and fought for the independence of our beloved country. The Maruthu brothers are the descendents of Sivagangai Velu Nachiar who ruled efficiently. For the sake of their citizen they surrendered to the Britishers during 1801 and then hanged. Periya Maruthu was born on 1748 and Chinna Maruthu was on 1753.

Both were hanged the date of 08-10-1801. Maruthupandiyar’s memorial is located in Sweedis Mission Hospital Campus, Tirupathur at the area of 414.80 sqm. As a mark of respect their memorial was opened to visit public on 21-10-1992.